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“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

Mahatma Gandhi

This is a challenging era, a time when people are being bombarded every single minute, every single second of information which needs validation. With millions of sites, information is just a snap of one’s fingers or a click of a button. The oft-repeated question is–is the information the truth?

Honestly, truth is relative. One’s truth may not be the truth of others. What gives the truth a semblance of credibility is science. It is these scientific laws that explain reality is what inspired us to create Current.

Current Ph comes in an era where most Filipinos are struggling every single day in making out what’s happening around him. The promise of Current is simple— provide people with the unvarnished truth. And the unvarnished truth is what we see, hear and feel.

This is our cause. This is our truth.

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