Duterte’s Downfall: A Tragedy Orchestrated by His Associates

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Witnessing the current state of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is nothing short of a lamentable spectacle. Let’s face it – the once self-proclaimed strongman is now a mere shadow of his former self, seemingly unable to strike the right chord when launching attacks against his political adversaries.

A Quezon Court wants Mr. Duterte to appear before him after a member of Congress filed a case against him. If this happens, it will surely make Mr. Duterte appear weak before the eyes of the mob. Such an image will surely demolish his media-created image of a strongman.

I contend that the blame lies squarely with the individuals who surround him. These malevolent figures are shamelessly exploiting Mr. Duterte for their agendas. Duterte is sorely mistaken if he believes these people are his allies.

Who, in their right mind, would advise Duterte to target a member of Congress? Only someone is either excessively self-absorbed or downright foolish. They have bought into the fabrications they fed Duterte – the illusion that he still possesses enough political capital to navigate such a dangerous charade. However, it’s common knowledge that Duterte’s popularity is merely a snapshot of the present, offering no guarantee of political success in the future. By 2025, Duterte will be approaching 80 years old – is he physically capable of a nationwide campaign at that age?

Duterte deserves his well-earned rest. He is too advanced in age to assume another governmental role. Yet, his so-called “friends” manipulate him and his popularity to secure their return to power. These individuals have transformed the bureaucracy into a personal enterprise, relying on a political champion each time they seek resurgence.

Duterte deserves to retire. So why thrust him to the forefront? Their failure to institutionalize the Duterte governance model has brought them to this lamentable situation.

What is evident now is that, with just one issue – the intelligence funds – the deep state has laid bare the political vulnerabilities of Vice President Sara Duterte. Unlike her father, she lacks articulacy and experience in political maneuvering.

In the unfortunate event of Duterte’s demise, these people will quickly distance themselves from the Duterte clique. Reports indicate that members of Duterte’s PDP-Laban are defecting en masse to the Partido Federal ng Filipinas – the administration party. These aren’t political lightweights; they are influential power centers. The prospect of PDP-Laban dwindling into a negligible political entity is looming large.

People are growing weary of the Duterte dynasty. The predicament lies in the Duterte clique’s mistaken belief that they have successfully positioned Vice President Sara as her father’s successor. However, as 2025 approaches, Sara’s political future becomes increasingly uncertain.

Sara may ascend to a higher post through an extraconstitutional maneuver after the 2025 mid-term elections. If events unfold democratically, the risk of electoral defeat looms large.

Compounding the issue is the need for more viable alternatives. The names circulating for potential presidential candidates are already tarnished. Speaker Martin Romualdez eyes the presidency in 2028, while media favorite Senator Raffy Tulfo is also considered. Yet, despite their political brand names, these figures are not impervious to reputational attacks.

In the grand scheme of Duterte’s legacy, we witness not only the decline of a political figure but a tragedy orchestrated by those who should have protected him.

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Duterte’s Downfall: A Tragedy Orchestrated by His Associates

Witnessing the current state of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is nothing short of a lamentable spectacle. Let's face it – the once self-proclaimed...

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