DA WHO? Corrupt Pols, Lawyers and Communist Sleeper Cells in PH

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Who is this group composed of a former diplomat, a corrupt politician, and a lawyer reportedly working to destabilize the Marcos administration?

These modern-day Filipino Makapilis reportedly work for a foreign government entity now involved in a contentious spat with the Philippine government.

Foreign Government Funds Being Pocketed By Group

Several intelligence reports indicate that this foreign government funnels funds to this group. Funds are reportedly intended for payoffs to social media influencers. The aim? Picture the Marcos administration as weak and unstable. Likewise, the group allegedly submitted a list of media personalities under their payroll. Unknown to most of these personalities, the group reportedly deposits these funds to their personal bank accounts. Meaning, nagkakabukolan.

Filipino Lawyer A Pathological Fraud

This is unsurprising, considering these Filipinos are well-known as big-time corrupt wheeler-dealers in political and legal circles.

One fleeced his former legal partner of millions of pesos. The land’s highest court suspended this lawyer for getting money from his client and the opposing side.

The lawyer frequents the Balkans to report to his Russian handlers, who supply him with young Russian boys for sex.

Yet, he wants the public to know he’s a male bachelor with a Russian girlfriend. Several background checks reveal that this middle-aged Russian girl works as a high-level prostitute used by the KGB to trap several Filipino politicians and business people.

Lastly, this lawyer has already been discredited as a nationalist.

One of the members of a group which this lawyer once affiliated himself with accused this lawyer of double-crossing them.

It seems like the lawyer has a handler in the Philippine intelligence services, a handsome PMA’er who provides extra services like hand jobs to the lawyer.

The diplomat is obsessed with Americans.

The other was once the head of a five-person team of legislators known for soliciting kickbacks from lobbyists, personalities, and companies with regulatory issues. The most dangerous member of this group is the former diplomat who has a somewhat pathological hatred of Westerners, particularly Americans.

Filipino Politician Pocketing Foreign Destab Funds

Another document shows that the politician is groomed to run for a national post in 2025. His benefactor, another politician who got juicy deals from government contracts during the previous administration, is also said to be paying him for reportedly “handling” several media personalities. Unknown to this benefactor, this politician only pockets the money to support his showbiz girlfriend. The politician also has a knack for buying luxury cars. He is also into drugs. Talk in Congress says that this politician once had some shabu sessions with a big-time politician now wanted by the law.

Unknown to these foreign funders, this group only shells out a tiny fraction of the millions they remit to this group for expenses reportedly incurred for meeting or fraternizing with media personalities.

The group recommends a list of people who are either inactive or not working journalists. They then endorse these people to the foreign government, which finances their travels abroad.

As many as 120 media personalities and petty government officials have toured this foreign country, financed by the political party.

These Filipinos are expected to mouth the official Communist party line of the foreign government, particularly concerning bilateral tension between this country and ours.

A source described this group as sleeper cells, potential local terrorists whose mission is to coerce the Marcos administration to support their foreign benefactor’s plan of annexing the entire watery territory.

PLA Sleeper Cells— super active now amidst China-RP WPS row

Former senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson alerted Philippine government agencies of the possible presence of operatives of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) here in our country. While this information is considered an “A6” type of intelligence, Lacson says it was worth investigating or looking into.

Another former senator, Richard Gordon, surmised that there may be between 2,000-3,000 members of the PLA around the country disguised as members of online gaming firms or members of the media. A Rappler report says that counterintelligence operations were active during the Aquino III administration but subsequentially diminished during the Duterte administration.

We haven’t heard anything related to this two years later except last October 16, when NBI agents swooped down a possible lair of PLA sleeper cell members. While the NBI, through its Regional Director, downplayed their raid at a house in the posh Valle Verde subdivision, former DILG secretary Raffy Alunan saw something fishy with the arrest of the six Chinese nationals.

A cache of arms and ammunition alongside some military badges printed with “People’s Republic of China” emblems were seized, arousing suspicions that these Chinese nationals may be part of a sleeper cell. A sleeper cell is a group of operatives, spies, or terrorists living in secret among a targeted community, waiting for instructions or an opportunity to act. The fact that the raid happened in a private subdivision close to military camps and installations would surely attract the attention of several of our officials or former government officials.

Who would fault Alunan for thinking like this? Sino-Philippine relations are at its nadir, and rhetoric from government mouthpieces is discouraging. The tit-for-tat between Philippine Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro and Chinese Communist officials has risen at an unprecedented rate since 2017.

What’s most alarming is the sudden increase or frequency of visits by senior and middle-level officials of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with several Filipino government bureaucrats, particularly former cabinet members of the Duterte administration. These meetings in five-star hotels in Pasay City began as early as 2015.

What’s most disconcerting is these trips coincide with the discursive struggle between China and the Philippines over the West Philippine Sea. Chinese Communists are visiting the Philippines more times now than before. Worse, these visits are with Filipino political counterparts involved in the former administrations of Duterte and Arroyo.

One cannot help but note that these visits while having the blessing of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), are highly political. With rising tensions between the Duterte group and the Marcos Junior administration, one cannot avoid becoming suspicious of the intentions of these politicians who lost power when Marcos Junior ascended to Malacanan.

The Marcos administration, specifically Defense Secretary Teodoro, should do what is necessary—arrest this group and members of China’s Communist Party here in the Philippines. Former National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon says these sleeper cells are scattered throughout the country. Several of these Chinese nationals fake their identities to be able to run for political posts here in our country, using drug funds from the Asian triad.

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