Ex President Digong to run for Senate to neutralize Raffy Tulfo


What do these two names, Digong and Raffy Tulfo, represent? Digong, as everyone knows, is our former president who allowed his minions to gain billions of pesos of kickbacks from government contracts and nearly brought our economy to the pits with his pandemic restrictions. Raffy Tulfo, meanwhile, is reportedly poised to run for president in 2028, armed with the belief that he is the most famous person in the Philippines.

Many people predict that Mr. Digong Duterte will re-emerge in the political scene to bless the “new opposition” composed of his daughter, the vice president, and former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Ms. Duterte is reportedly impatient and cannot wait anymore for 2028, and she wants power asap.

Duterte is expected to re-emerge before the State of the Nation address of Mr. Marcos Junior. He will animate our media again with his expletives, and his crass-ness will entertain us. Never mind if he’s near death’s row, the ex-President seems determined to be of service again by his Mandarin masters and unscrupulous politicians out to destroy this country with their corrupt ways.

The game plan of the Duterte boys is simple— position Digong as the Mafiosi who will bless his daughter and predecessor as these two ladies plan Mr. Marcos Junior’s ouster from power. The Duterte boys want Mr. Marcos Junior to believe that the ex-President wants just publicity as he prepares to run for the Senate.

Yes, Mr. Duterte is running for the Senate. He is positioned to lead other pro-Duterte in a senatorial slate financed by the PDP-Laban, the local affiliate of the Communist Party of China (CPC) here in our country. And why is Mr. Digongn again risking his name for this? Simple–he wants to destroy Senator Raffy Tulfo, who is now preparing for a presidential run in 2028.

The Duterte-Arroyo coalition of evil wants this: to propel Ms. Sara to the presidency alongside Senator Imee Marcos. Imee Marcos, according to reports, has aligned herself politically with her best friend, Sara, who was allegedly disappointed with her brother’s administration of the republic. Never mind if this axis of power commits an extra-constitutional route– they are after the seizure of political power again to put a smile on their Chinese Communist masters. Will we allow these scumbags to regain power for their own selfish interests?

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