Duterte-Arroyo to lead “Opposition” Against PBBM: The Cruelest of Jokes


Vice President Sara Duterte, according to several sources, is becoming impatient. She reportedly wants more power despite being the secretary of education and vice chair of the National Task Force ELCAC. Many say her impatience stems from her commitment to the Chinese Communists, who now see themselves as marginalized after President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Junior pivoted toward the West. The Chinese Communists want nothing more than a replay of the Duterte and Arroyo times when they manage this country on remote control courtesy of their ass-licking supporters within the government.

With her resignation from the LAKAS-CMD, Ms. Duterte is reportedly poised to unveil what pro-Duterte forces described as ” the real opposition.” Excuse me, Duterte and former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, “opposition forces”? Since when?

In my book, when someone claims to be “opposition,” this person needs two (2) things: first, they need to belong to the marginalized sector of our society, and second, they espouse alternative solutions to existing problems. Do you think the Dutertes and the Macapagal-Arroyos present new perspectives on our political problems? I don’t think so.

Let’s call a spade a spade–the Dutertes and the Arroyos represent the worst of our political elites. Many times over, they have failed during their administrations. What good did we get from the Macapagal-Arroyo administration? Nothing but corruption. And what good did we get from the Dutertes? Nothing but killings and corruption. They mismanaged our economy and corrupted our society with their despicable, horrid, devilish, and demonic views that ruined the futures of many generations of Filipinos.

The Duterte-Arroyo are not opposition–they are Chinese lackeys who are moving against this administration in a naked display of power play. They are after power seeing that the Philippines is poised to regain middle-income country status by 2025. Duterte and Arroyo and their minions are again salivating for the billions of pesos of potential kickbacks from infra projects and bribe monies from new economic entrants.

If I’m asked what do I want? I would choose a military-led government rather than go back to those times when this government was under the control of a crazy man and a woman whose hunger for power rises every single time she sees other Filipinos wealthier than her. What do psychiatrists call such tendencies? Aha, its Napoleonic.

Many politicians still cling to the belief that Mr. Duterte, the former president, enjoys massive public support. I don’t know about you, but I think these politicians are deluding themselves. Mr. Duterte is a failure, despised even in Davao. Yes, many people fear them because they have no conscience at all. People fear them because they use force to coerce people into submission. They will come a time when this family will get their just desserts. As Filipinos say, hindi lahat ng panahon pasko. Or what former president Joseph Estrada once claimed that “weather-weather” lang yan.

How do we then describe this emerging Duterte-Arroyo coalition? This is an axis of evil which most if not all Filipinos should eradicate from the face of Philippine politics.


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