SURVEY: Majority of Filipinos trusts and is satisfied with PNP


The Philippine National Police (PNP) said that they are “pleased” with the findings of the recent Tugon ng Masa Survey by OCTA Research.

The survey revealed that the majority of Filipinos trust and are satisfied with the PNP’s performance in maintaining peace and order.

The survey shows that eight out of 10 Filipinos (80%) nationwide trust the PNP, while nearly eight out of 10 (79%) express satisfaction with our performance.

Trust and satisfaction levels vary across regions and socioeconomic classes, but overall, the PNP continues to enjoy public support.

A significant minority of Filipinos (41%) perceive an improvement in the PNP’s implementation of peace and order, while 41% believe our response to criminality has also improved.

“We acknowledge the concerns of those who feel the opposite and will address their feedback accordingly,” the PNP said.

“The PNP welcome the result of this survey. This is a clear manifestation of the trust and confidence of majority of the Filipinos to their Police. Indeed, the unwavering dedication of each member of the PNP reflects truly in the result of this survey. This is also a testament that despite some issues hounding the PNP, majority of the people are still appreciating the everyday sacrifices of every police officer patrolling in every corner of the streets, investigating crimes, conducting operations against criminals and assisting those who are in need,” they added.

The PNP said that the latest survey will serve as a motivation and inspiration for the PNP to continue to give its best in protecting and serving the Filipino people.

They said that the PNP is committed to upholding professionalism, integrity, and service to the Filipino people.

“We are grateful for the continued trust and satisfaction expressed by most Filipinos. We value the feedback provided by the survey, and it serves as a reminder of our responsibility to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, and integrity. We remain steadfast in our commitment to improving our performance and working towards a safer and more secure Philippines,” they said

“We thank OCTA Research for conducting this survey, and we assure the public that we will take their feedback into account as we continue to serve the nation,” they added.
Catherine R. Cueto

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