Gcash investigating deduction in accounts


DIGITAL service provider GCash on Tuesday said that they extend their maintenance service after several of their customers “experienced a deduction” in their accounts.

This early though, Globe ruled out any possibility of hacking.

“Some customers may have experienced a deduction in their GCash account [Monday]. We extended our scheduled maintenance to investigate and determined that no hacking occured,” they said in a statement.

They assured the customers that “any deduction from a GCash account will be adjusted before 3 p.m. [Tuesday].”

“We wish to further assure customers that their funds remain safe and secure. We would also like to remind customers never to share their OTP and MPIN,” they said.

GCash vice president for corporate communications Gilda Maquilan meanwhile assured that there were no funds lost, after mounting complaints of missing money due to alleged unauthorized transactions.

Maquilan said that they received several complaints since Monday with regards to alleged “unauthorized transactions,” to which there were funds allegedly transferred to bank accounts ending in the number 5239.

She said that GCash is investigating the cause of the problem.

She also said that it is too early to assess should the mobile wallet service’s systems were hacked.

Maquilan said a system maintenance, which had been in effect since 12 midnight Tuesday, was taking “more than usual.”

“Tinitingnan natin ngayon kung ano iyong fixes at maintenance na kailangan po nating gawin,” Maquilan said, apologizing to customers inconvenienced by the glitch,” she said.

Catherine R. Cueto

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