Extortionist victimized lawyer, nabbed in entrapment operation


The National Bureau of Investigation – Anti-Organized and Transnational Crime Division (NBI-AOTCD) arrested a certain Marielle Cruz Padel a.k.a. “Lyka Cruz Padel” in Quezon City for Estafa, Falsification, and Robbery (Extortion).

The operation stemmed from a complaint filed before the NBI-AOTCD by the victim of Subject Padel.

The Complainant, a practicing lawyer, narrated that he met Marielle through social media and had a sexual encounter with her.

Three days after, Marielle told Complainant that she was impregnated by him and demanded money, which the Complainant acceded.

Subsequently, Complainant received a message from a certain “Lyka”, who represented herself as the twin sister of Marielle and told Complainant that Marielle died as a result of abortion, thus, blaming Complainant for Marielle’s tragic death.

Lyka demanded money from the Complainant and threatened to ruin his reputation as a family man and lawyer.

Complainant then sent Lyka money multiple times amounting to P9.9 Million.

After sometime, Complainant discovered Lyka’s lies and false representations, and that Lyka and Marielle are one and the same person.

As a result, a complaint was filed before the NBI-NCR.

Lyka’s demand for money continued, and on April 26, 2023, she asked for P61,000.00 as payment to the doctor who performed the abortion to Marielle and for her rental expense.

The Complainant agreed to meet the Subject to hand over the demanded money and informed NBI-AOTCD.

As a result, NBI-AOTCD planned an entrapment operation and then proceeded to the agreed meeting place between Complainant and Subject located in a mall in Quezon City.

The NBI-AOTCD operatives strategically positioned themselves to have a clear vision of the transaction between Subject and Complainant. Upon handing over of the marked money, NBI-AOTCD operatives immediately approached Subject Lyka and apprehended her. Subject Lyka confessed that her real name is Marielle Cruz Padel.

Subject Padel was presented for inquest proceedings before the Office of the Prosecutor of Quezon City for Robbery (Extortion) under Article 293 and 294 of the Revised Penal Code, as amended, in relation to Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

Catherine R. Cueto

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