UN concerned on abuse of artificial intelligence


The United Nations (UN) is concerned on the abuse on the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

This, as Geoffrey Hinton, known as the godfather of AI, resigned from Google and warned of growing dangers from developments in the field.

There are concerns and calls for slowing the pace of new developments in artificial intelligence that has rapidly expanded in recent months as companies like OpenAI, Google and Microsoft continue to build systems.

Several notables in the field, including Elon Musk, demanded a pause on rapid developments citing ”profound risks to society.”

The UN previously expressed concern about the use of AI technology and its abuse.

”As artificial intelligence develops it needs to be monitored carefully and the right regulations and standards need to be put in place to make sure that this type of technology is not open to abuse” said UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq.

He said companies developing AI should pause and put forth further perspective for governments to consider as they go about determining how these technologies should be developed.


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