‘Wrong place, wrong time’ Shooting prevalent in US


Although “wrong place, wrong time” shootings repeatedly happened decades ago in the United States, it still dominates media and social attention currently, said USA Today on Saturday.

“Deadly overreactions to ‘wrong place’ events have brought tragic consequences across the U.S. for decades,” noted the report, adding that “and many times when they happen, there are calls for stronger gun control, questions about racist motivations, and pleas for tougher laws to protect innocent people from gun-wielding homeowners.”

“But solutions have been elusive,” said the report. “Little has changed, however, and ‘wrong place’ shootings are still dominating the news, with incidents in Missouri, New York and Texas in the past week.”

“We currently live in a country that has normalized gun violence through any fears, through culture and laws that allow it,” Josh Horwitz, co-director of the Center for Gun Violence Solutions at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, was quoted as reporting, adding that “and what we’re now seeing is a horrific result of those efforts.”



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