China seen boosting global economic growth this year



China is forecasted to give a major boost to the world economy this year, accounting for about a third of global growth in 2023, an official of the International Monetary Fund said on Sunday.

“The robust rebound means China is set to account for around one third of global growth in 2023 – giving a welcome lift to the world economy,” Kristalina Georgieva said at the 2023 China Development Forum in the capital Beijing.

According to the IMF analysis, a 1-percent point increase in gross domestic product (GDP) growth in China will lead to a 0.3-percent point increase in growth in other Asian economies, she said.

Although uncertainties are exceptionally high, she said news of the world economy is not all bad as there are some “green shoots,” including in China.

“With such a solid recovery, China can now build on positive momentum and – through comprehensive policies – stay on the growth path towards convergence with advanced economies,” she added.

IMF research also shows that productivity-enhancing reforms in China could lift real GDP by as much as 2.5 percent by 2027, and by around 18 percent by 2037 – growth that would be both higher quality and more inclusive.


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