PNP to form integrated maritime unit with navy and coast guard



An integrated maritime unit is being formed between the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Navy and the Philippine Coast Guard so as to strengthen the government’s maritime law enforcement capability.

In a statement, PNP chief Gen. Rodolfo Azurin Jr. noted that the maritime units’ patrols of the PNP will take on the shorelines to which they will help in the ongoing campaign against smuggling, human trafficking and other transnational crimes.

“We wanted to have a memorandum of understanding with them (PCG and Philippine Navy) to secure our waters against contrabands and including the campaign against human trafficking,” he said.

Among the focus that the PNP will undertake will be the boundaries with Malaysia and Indonesia.

He said that the borders in the southern part of the Philippines are considered as porous and are usually the routes of smuggling and human trafficking activities.

Earlier, the Philippines’ southern border is the usual route for international terrorists seeking refuge in the Philippines and has been the favorite route of the Abu Sayyaf Group in its kidnapping activities in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The PNP had procured sea vessels, to which it formed part of the modernization program, and is currently focused on the western part of Mindanao.

They recently acquired two high-speed watercraft and were blessed and presented on Monday.


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