DICT, MIC, signs MOC for IT matters



The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) said that the recent Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) that was signed by the Philippines with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of Japan is expected to “encourage and strengthen cooperation, and to accelerate development, enhancement, and integration” in the field of ICT between both countries.

In a statement, the MOC was signed last February 9, 2023, and was witnessed by no less than President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

The DICT said that with the MIC, it is expected that there will be a improvement of broadband infrastructure and service provision in the Philippines.

They also said that there will be a diversification of 5G suppliers and will have a development of open, secure and resilient 5G network.

The DICT also said in their statement that a development of capacity-building programs for cybersecurity; and the reinforcement of their previous areas of cooperation such as Digital Transformation, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and cultural relationships through broadcasting content are also strongly being considered and expected.

Further, the MOC, according to the DICT, will strengthen the cooperation of the two countries for the smooth transition to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting and for the utilization of Emergency Warning Broadcasting System (EWBS) in the Philippines.

Within a 5-year period, the two agencies will be working together in the formulation and facilitation of joint ICT projects; as well as exchanging professionals, delegations, and information on policies, technologies, and regulations in the field of ICT.

To promote areas of cooperation, liaison with other government agencies, industrial, academic and professional organizations is also encouraged.

“The Philippines, through the DICT, has reinforced its cooperation in the field of ICT with Japan,” DICT Secretary John Ivan Uy said.

“The Philippine Government and the Government of Japan have a long history of collaboration and the signed MOC will only strengthen our cooperative efforts. As a developing country, we are sure to gain valuable insights and support from Japan, especially in the field of ICT,” he added.

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