Post-Pandemic Economy Defined by Revenge Pricing

Aerial view at Twilight of Makati business district, Manila, Philippines

Are you familiar with revenge pricing? Probably not. Revenge pricing is similar to revenge travel and spending, a behavior by business people, who lost considerable income during the two-year pandemic. Yep, these people are driving inflation to the rooftops. Left unabated and we will truly face humongous social unrest.

There’s a limit on people’s tolerance as there is to spending capabilities. If these rapacious businessmen are left to their own devices, the people might find themselves unable to fulfill even basic needs.

Government is not entirely useless. It’s just a change in their policy mindsets. For example, what is the trade secretary doing? He’s supposed to regulate trade for the sake of the people. If he sees an anomaly in trade, like how big businessmen struggle among themselves to influence market forces, then, he should use his police power to stop these freakin people.

Obviously, our officials from the agriculture department are likewise, useless. What’s the point of hiring the chief of the plant industry when he cannot even regulate? Regulation has its bad and good sides. Now is the time for the government to regulate and make its presence felt by doing its job of protecting people from unscrupulous businessmen who continue to rake in fantabulous profits.

Yes, this administration is pro-business, and there’s nothing wrong with this. But if being pro-capitalist is harming the very interests of most people, then, the best thing for a government to do is exercise some balancing acts. If the government fails to balance things, then, there’s our problem. What’s the use of having a government anyway if the business is left to its own devices?




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