ALLTV’s devastating loss


ALLTV’s management canceled all their shows. Reason? Not selling. Why? Because these shows are not exciting enough to be seen. And for those amateurs behind ALLTV, they think that putting in star power is enough to pull audiences in. Wrong.

Even if you put the hottest Vivamax stars in their shows, it would simply probably scorch some points but not hot enough to justify a placement. First, ALLTV’s Breakthru rise is ill-timed. It came when all media is transitioning from analog to digital. Meaning, the game is not so much about size, or frequencies, or channels–it is all about RELEVANCE. Now, what defines relevance is again, relative.

Second, the frequency which ALLTV purchased was never really a very good frequency. The thing that made it so attractive before was that hundreds of creative people from ABS-CBN literally gave their own lives just to make their channel the best there is in Southeast Asia, i.e., the engineers, cameramen, producers, and everyone involved in production and tech. Without them, ABS-CBN would have just served second fiddle to GMA.

Third, it is not so much location of frequency, it is much more of consumer taste now than before. So what if your channel is 300 plus in the cable show roster? If people are interested to find out more about you, they would look for you. Again, it all boils down to relevance and asking what people want from you, which is most essential. Without this information, you will not be able to generate enough coach potatoes who will consume your offerings high enough for advertisers to notice.

Fourth, why believe in the yarn peddled by unscrupulous so-called industry insiders that star power pulls audiences in? How would star power attract audiences when these stars or celebrities are already past their prime? They command huge salaries and of course, they deserve to get millions but they have been cooped up in their houses that their luminosities are suspect. I am not saying that ALLTV should have availed of the services of these trying-hard VBloggers since these people are suffering also from dismal or decreasing views. All I am saying is that ALLTV should have been bold enough to introduce new faces and new young, fresh talents as their brand ambassadors. I mean, it worked with Vivamax of Vic del Rosario, why would it not work for ALLTV?

ALLTV should have first conferred among themselves why exist in the first place? What is their branding? What do they want audiences to know about them? Are they all apologists of this administration? Are they all rebels? Are they all entertainers? You just cannot go in there and swim yourself out in the media ocean without any visible direction. Is ALLTV a public service channel? If so, is ALLTV prepared to compete with UNTV in that category?

And I guess that ALLTV management did all these but unfortunately, everything fell by the wayside. ALLTV failed because they lacked studios? Come on! ALLTV failed miserably because they don’t have transmitters and towers, are you mocking the technicians, ha, Mr. Revillame?

ALLTV failed because first, the channel offered nothing to the people. The channel even exploited poor people. Second, the management doesn’t have patience. They want instantaneous rewards for all their efforts, when, in truth and in fact, their KPA’s and KPI’s are not satisfied as yet. The media business is a slow-burn kind of enterprise. You need to invest time and tremendous effort before you see the results. Just take a look at GMA7– it is now number one after spending decades being number two.

Of course, there are exemptions like TV 5 whose ratings still remain at an undesirable level after decades, and 25 billion pesos of MVP’s money.

I agree with Revillame that this loss impacts the media industry, yes. However, this could have been avoided had Villar’s men been cognizant of previous lessons by various other channels. Maybe they placed their luck squarely on Revillame’s shoulders, believing that he possessed the magic potion that would lure audiences in. Sadly, Revillame’s flute is no more. His voice only attracts mice, I dare say, and not a lot of them, unfortunately.

Lastly, I think the ALLTV management needs clarity in their mission. Are they in just for the money? Or are they want to get involved in the business of true public service?



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