Historical Inconsistencies in Maid in Malacanan


First off, did you see that confrontation between former president Ferdinand Marcos and his son and namesake, Bongbong? Cesar Montano played the part of the patriarch, who appeared to be as dapper and dashing as Marcos looked twenty years ago.

When the coup was brewing, Marcos was very sick due to lupus. He was often bedridden, and witnesses said that he was continuously incubated. That explains why several laboratories and medical equipment were found abandoned when they left the palace in a hurry. Of course, Darryl Yap and his apologists would shout “creative license!” and I respect them. However, this is a significant aspect of this movie, and there should be at least some semblance of realism when portraying a significant character such as Marcos senior.

The fact is that several political allies of the Marcoses left them because of succession issues. Marcos wanted his wife to replace him with his cousin, former General Ver. What happened was the Imelda clique competed with the Enrile group. Enrile misinterpreted the situation and decided in his best interests to defect. And what happened next is history.

Anyway, because of the director’s decision not to portray the truth about the dictator, leaves us to doubt on the entire scene. That scene must have been included there to counteract the largely shared belief of BBM’s true character that his father actually verbalized in one of the scene. So, instead of helping improve or correct the public perception about the Marcoses, this movie did more harm than good. Sorry.



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