Why I believe Bongbong Marcos will lose this elections


Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr might be at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to presidential aspirants for the May 2022 presidential elections now, but I believe that he will surely lose this elections. First, he is not an exciting candidate and in fact, suffers from a stale narrative and second, the political atmosphere being created for him to lose is already here slowly being created by sectors affected by the administration of his father. The tone of the forthcoming elections is turning out to be a struggle between the “strong arm” group represented by Bongbong Marcos and the “liberal democratic” group being promoted by no less than the Vice President turned presidential candidate Leni Robredo. There is a very strong perception being created of this strong arm group as heavily corrupted compared with the liberal democratic one.

Blame this to the error being committed by no less than the camp of Bongbong Marcos. They are allowing their political opponents to revive the narrative that actually caused the downfall of their family especially their patriarch, Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos fell from power due to charges of massive corruption, a charge not without its corresponding strong pieces of evidence.

Charges of massive corruption are now defining the Duterte Administration to the consternation of millions of Filipinos. What is now the prevailing and most popular belief is the charge that the only reason why Duterte and his minions are imposing strong arm tactics is for them to shield their nefarious corrupt practices by creating a climate of fear. This climate of fear hides the reality of a climate of impunity, not just against lives but of stealing and plundering the nation’s treasures and coffers. Duterte, according to millions of Filipinos, is not the leader he pretends to be but just a person who ascended to Malacanan on a false pretense and premise of change when in truth and in fact, Duterte is just a petty government executive whose brain cannot really comprehend the intricacies of the position he sought after in 2016. Worse, Duterte is feigning being tough when in truth and in fact, he is just a lackey of bigger economic interests controlled by foreign powers and their local stooges. These people only uses Duterte as their poster boy in their desire to raid the public coffers. Evidence? Well the Pharmally senate probe is one.

DUe to these massive charges of corruption. many people blame Duterte’s close associate Senator Christopher “Bong” Go, as the mastermind behind the Pharmally mess and others. Go has filed his candidacy for the vice presidency and what did Bongbong’s camp do? They opened themselves to the possibility of teaming up with Go who is now suffering a very serious reputattional damage due to his direct links with Michael Yang and Pharmally top management officials. Imagine the stupidity of the Marcos camp.

Bongbong would also lose this elections because he is being advised by people who does not know the dynamics of ground politics. Being endorsed by Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) and Partido Federal meant nothing. These are shell organizations with no organized constituencies. That explains why Bongbong and several pro-Duterte allies are hoping to get the PDP-Laban because this is a political party heavy with local government support and is expected to be financed heavily by this administration.

If Bongbong does not change tack, he might lose heavily on this elections. This will end the dreams of the Marcos family to ascend once more the rungs of power. If Bongbong loses, the Marcos Family will be decimated politically. And if the family expects that they have an Imee or a Sandro as their secret aces–plueezz!Admit it–if BBM loses this opportunity, he will never be able to recover and most probably, go the way of former DILG secretary Mar Roxas who retired and is now enjoying the life of a civilian. This is a big possibility. Bongbong will lose this elections because he is a victim of a stale story and a discredited legacy.


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