Prosecutors complete illegal drug possession charge on Ongpin scion

Prosecutors have completed the preliminary investigation into the illegal drug possession charge against Julian Ongpin and are expected to release the findings soon.

In a text message to the media on Friday, Prosecutor Honey Delgado of the Office of the Prosecutor General said Ongpin, 29, and representatives of the Philippine National Police appeared during the continuation of the preliminary investigation.

“The respondent (Ongpin) submitted his supplemental counter-affidavit copy furnished the complainant. Upon joint motion of the parties and considering that no new matters (or) issues were raised by both parties, the case was submitted for resolution,” Delgado said.

The son of billionaire Roberto Ongpin was caught with 12.6 grams of cocaine inside a hostel room in San Juan, La Union, on September 18.

The Dangerous Drugs Act imposes life imprisonment and a fine ranging from P500,000 to P10 million for possession of at least 10 grams of cocaine, opium, heroin, morphine, and marijuana, regardless of the degree of purity.

On the same day, Davaoeña artist Breana “Bree” Jonson, allegedly Ongpin’s girlfriend, was found unconscious in their room and later declared dead in a hospital.

Ongpin claimed Jonson, 30, hanged herself. The official cause of death was asphyxia.

She also tested positive for cocaine use.

The Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of La Union originally handled the case but was directed to transfer all evidence to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The DOJ also ordered that Ongpin be placed in the immigration lookout bulletin.

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