Govt still fighting hesitancy to get vaccinated for Covid-19


While Covid-19 vaccines are being delivered to the country at a more consistent pace in recent weeks, the number of Filipino who have received their first or two doses is not yet that high because of “vaccine hesitancy.”

“Despite opening the vaccination program to this priority group (A2) in April, the turnout has remained low compared to the NTF’s earlier projections,” National Task Force (NTF) chief Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr. said in a previous interview.

There is a need to address vaccine hesitancy as there are emerging variants of the coronavirus disease that will pose threats to the country’s economic recovery, he added.

In a previous statement, he praised the Department of Health and local government units for being proactive in promoting vaccination and clamping down on misinformation.

The business sector is also helping the government urge more to get Covid-19 jab shots through incentives like discounts and shopping rewards.

To date, the Philippines has received 66.699 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines of various brands.

Data from NTF Against Covid-19 showed that of the fully vaccinated individuals nationwide as of September 24, a total of 2.243 million are healthcare workers (A1); 433,396, senior citizens (A2); 6.282 million with comorbidities (A3); 5.307 million, essential front-liners (A4); and 1.77 million, indigents (A5).

Among the first-dose recipients are 2.533 million from A1; 3.522 million, A2; 5.885 million, A3; 8.895 million, A4; and 2.719 million, A5.

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