Eleazar: PNP getting ready for peaceful 2022 polls


Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, on
Thursday said the police force is preparing to ensure a peaceful and
orderly 2022 elections.

In a virtual press briefing held in Davao del Norte, Eleazar said it
has been a continuing preparation since after the 2019 elections.

“This (election) is recurring every three years. All policies,
doctrines, and programs of PNP are already there and all we have to do
is to update them. The commanders knew what to do already,” he said.

Eleazar said they would start checking the records of their members,
whether they are active or inactive, and will start to engage with
possible election candidates.

“We need to check so that if there is an initial problem, we can
easily fix it. The bottom line is, there will be no harassment. As
early as now we are preparing, so when 2022 comes we are very much
prepared already,” he added.

While in the region, Eleazar also inspected the Panabo City Police Station.

“As we continue to patrol and inspect various stations in the country
in accordance with our Intensified Cleanliness Policy (ICP) with the
PNP, we went to the Panabo City Police Station in Davao del Norte to
check the station and at the same time greet our police, especially as
we continue to face the ordeal caused by the pandemic,” he said.

Eleazar also lauded its personnel for the station’s cleanliness.

“This proves (they have) good discipline. Beyond the cleanliness in
the office, the cleanliness in our ranks and cleanliness in the
community (is important),” he added.

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