Isko Moreno and the 2022 elections


Manila mayor Isko Moreno is one of the leading presidential contenders, if we are to base on the surveys. What is certain is that Moreno’s name is now etched in the annals of this old city’s history as one of the greatest Local executive ever, even better than what Manila mayor Lacson once achieved. The question is–is it time for him to leave Manila’s city hall and stake his political capital for Malacanan?

Among the candidates, Moreno is the only one who enjoys support and admiration from both the administration and 1Sambayan. President Duterte considers him as one of his choices. Antonio Carpio of 1Sambayan thinks he is a good fit and if Vice President Leni Robredo does not file her certificate of candidacy for the presidency, Moreno may actually be “it.” But, the question is–can this be good for the country, Moreno staking all for that seat at that mansion along the Pasig river?


Moreno is still young and his reforms in Manila is just beginning to be felt by Manilenos, including my relatives. Gunning for a presidential run entails big spending and commitment. Moreno may probably get the support of oligarch Enrique Razon and several others that political operator Ronnie Puno once dangled before Moreno in talks held last year. Will all these be enough for Moreno? No. Moreno knows how hard it is to campaign on a national platform. He once lost a bid for the senate last 2016. His mayoral win is a thing that he dreamt of since he began his political career in Manila as a councilor.

Now, Moreno is the toast of the political crowd. He is being pulled by the Left and enticed by the Right. What is good about Moreno is the fact that he is a seasoned and brilliant politician. His years as a Councilor and vice mayor served him well now. Moreno is the most knowledgeable politician that ever lived in Manila. The question is–is it time for him to leave Manila and gun for the game of the Big Boys?


There is too much at stake for Mr. Moreno. This upcoming 2022 Presidential elections may be the most hotly contested electoral game in this country in this century. Expect this elections to be a cut-throat one, with camps not just bruising but maiming their enemies well. Yes, Moreno is popular but if you look at the surveys, the brilliant Manila mayor is a sure winner only in the National Capital Region (NCR) and the balance of Luzon (BL) but poor in both Mindanao and Visayas. Yes, compared with Robredo’s numbers, Moreno’s ratings are quarter of an inch bigger than Leni’s. And compared with Senator Lacson’s and even that of Roxas’, Moreno’s name is more than acceptable especially of most of 1Sambayan’s. The question is— will these be enough to secure a win come election time?

The horizon is too fuzzy, the game too risky.




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