Governor who drools like a dog


This province remains under the tight grip of its Governor. For decades, this guy and his family had taken it for themselves to rule the province without regard really for true progress and development. As they say, local politics is strictly a family business. 

How did this governor began his career in politics? Well, before becoming a politico, this Governor supplies and sells arms and ammunition to the Armed Forces of the Philippines. He is a defense contractor. What the AFP does not know (or they know but they are not concerned about it) was the fact that this guy also sells arms to the rebels. That explains why the insurgency still rages in his province because this guy benefits from both camps–the government and the rebels. A source within the defense establishment says that the army is fully capable of flushing out the insurgents in the province yet, the rebellion surges because it is within the interest of the governor.

This guy practices good PR. He greases the palms of the police, the military and local community leaders. While he appears as a benevolent benefactor among these officials, the governor is known for his employing law fare. He is famous for filing cases left and right against his enemies. He even had the gumption of filing several libel cases against members of the press who disagreed with him or painted a bad image or picture about him.

But, there’s more– he is being suspected of even orchestrating the deaths of his political enemies. That’s why he is feared in the province. He does not have any qualms dirtying his hands with both innocent and not so innocent blood.

Now at a ripe old age, sources say the governor is losing his grip of reality. He is often absent minded, and even goes around town not wearing any face mask or face shield. Several people saw him losing his balance and nearly fell during an event. He sometimes drool and spit everywhere. Old folks say the governor is becoming a sick dog.

And they’re right because this guy is really the dog of miners, of illegal loggers and of course, jueteng and drug lords who earn billions from their illicit activities in the province. A syndicate reportedly run by a wealthy Chinese businessman controls most of the trade in the province, of course, blessed by the governor.

Many people say, the governor is already dead tired. He wants out. The thing is, he is too greedy, too self-absorbed and too mentally sick that he is not at all ready to give up especially now when he is too deep in debt. He has so many people to take care of, and one of them is his son.

Unknown to this “macho governor”, his son is a fluke. He hides his true gender preference from his father. But this is another story.

Will the people of this province stand up against this governor come May 2022?


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