The city government of Manila has banned the sale of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccines even by companies, institutions, or organizations for gain or profit.

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, in a press briefing on Monday, said he signed Ordinance No. 8740 in order to protect the general public from those who intend to profit from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ordinance prohibits “any person, institution, corporation, group, or organization to engage in the sale, distribution, or administration of Covid-19 vaccines for gain, income, or profit, while the country is in a state of public health emergency and without full market authorization issued by the Food and Drug Administration.”

“It is forbidden to sell the vaccine. It is forbidden to profit from the vaccine whether it’s an organization, institution, individual, or corporation. It is not allowed. In Manila, the private sector cannot deduct from the salary what can be given for free,” Domagoso said in Filipino.

Violators shall be penalized P5,000 and imprisoned for not more than six months.

For corporations or other juridical entities, the directors, officers, employees, or other officers responsible for the violation shall be charged and penalized.

Moreover, business licenses shall be revoked and they will be banned from doing business in the capital city.

Through the ordinance, Domagoso said hoarding and profiteering by those who are planning to take advantage of vaccines will be avoided.

“It cannot be forced, or deducted from salary or sold. That is exploitation. We will not allow that,” Domagoso emphasized in Filipino.

Ordinance 8740 cited Section 5 of Republic Act 115251 (Covid-19 Vaccination Program) that allows the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines by private entities in cooperation with the Department of Health and the National Task Force and Section 11 that exempts them from customs duties, value-added tax, excise tax, donors tax, and other fees “provided that the vaccines shall not be intended for resale or other commercial use and shall be distributed without consideration from persons to be vaccinated.”


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