Duterte AFP paranoid: Challenged by Maginhawa Community Pantry

Hundreds of less fortunate individual long queue on Sunday, April 18, 2021 along Maginhawa St. in Quezon City for a free food items given from Maginhawa Community Pantry owned by a private citizen aim to help the needy during pandermic. Photo by DARREN LANGIT

What is the purpose of profiling volunteers at the community pantries that have sprouted all throughout Metro Manila? Despite the pronouncement from the Palace for its agencies to exercise restraint, it seems that intelligence services are still “at it” for malicious intentions.

Why? What is so wrong and so insidious with the concept of balikatan or Bayanihan, as what Patricia Non says the reason behind the community pantry. Our cops and soldiers are still not convinced. Why are they so paranoid with this? It simply baffles someone’s mind. Or they are really so desperate to get further information from their perceived “enemies” the Communists that they are even willing to stake the entire reputation of the AFP and the PNP just to save this administration from its imminent downfall.

I do not see anything wrong with community pantries. The people behind these only want to help their fellow citizens cope with the devastating effects of these government initiated lockdowns because of their ineptitude in combatting this scourge.

These people behind the pantry are entirely motivated  by this concept because they are in the communities. They see that government’s pagkukulang in taking care of the affairs of its citizens, magnified by its pagkukulang in managing state affairs in the case of the WPS.

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