PLGU workers urge to practice intense discipline against COVID 19


Employees and officials of the Ifugao provincial government are told to exercise maximum discipline in implementing the minimum health protocols to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“We are repeating the strict implementation of minimum health protocols at all times such as hand washing and disinfection, wearing of face masks/shield, physical distancing, submission to the taking of body temperature and practicing proper coughing etiquettes,” Governor Jerry Dalipog said.
“We heal in unity, we fight in unity and we act in unity for our life, family, loved ones, neighbors, and the community as a whole”, he enjoined.
The Governor notice the devastating reality that the COVID-19 has caused the overwhelming of hospitals and isolation facilities and has already claimed many lives both health workers and civilians, with some in the province.He said he deeply mourns and condoles with the grieving families who lost a loved one because of the dreaded virus and firmly prays for the fast recovery of all those who are infected.

Dalipog has directed all employees of the provincial capital who had close contact with COVID-19 positive cases especially those who underwent Reverse transcription-polymerase Chain Reaction test to immediately isolate themselves for observation and monitoring.

Regardless of the test results, the 14-day quarantine period should be strictly completed. Employees must notify their direct supervisor and the Human Resource Office.

“Let everyone be fully aware that strict self-discipline will save your life, family loved one, neighbors, and the community as a whole. With collective strict self-discipline and with the protection of God, not another precious life will be wasted by the virus,” Governor Dalipog said.With the rising cases in the provinces especially in the capital town, the PLGU is presently on a work-from-home arrangement and skeleton workforce mode in order not to hamper the delivery of needed services to the people.


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