Taal Volcano unrest Keeps on Increasing


Taal volcano unrest kept on rising for the past five days according to the Philvolcs Bulletin on Thursday.

Taal Volcano Network has recorded a huge amount of volcanic earthquakes inside the crater.

“In the past 24-hour period, the Taal Volcano Network recorded two hundred sixty-eight (268) volcanic earthquakes, including two hundred forty-three (243) episodes of volcanic tremor having durations of one (1) to eight (8) minutes and twenty-five (25) low-frequency volcanic earthquakes.” said in their bulletin.

According to Director Renato Solidum that it is already dangerous.

“A ┬ápossible steam-driven or phreatic eruption can occur. It is very dangerous to people if they are on the island or shorelines near the island, Should there be a steam-driven explosion, because there’s no one on the island it’s currently safe. It’s very important that no one must violate protocol.” Solidum Added.

The volcano island’s activity has kept on rising for the past 5 days, it started on March 22 that has only 36 volcanic earthquakes to March 23 and 24 where it dramatically increased to 259 earthquakes.

“We need to monitor if the magma will come out, and if yes, if it will become explosive or slowly become lava,” Solidum said

Philvolcs still raised its Alert status to Level 2 (Increase Unrest) and Local Government Units are advised on a lookout for any ash falls and small earthquakes from the volcano island.

Philvolcs will continue monitoring the volcano island for any new changes.


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