Navotas recognized as top performer in Manila Bay clean up, rehabilitation


The Navotas city government on Friday received recognition for being the top performer in the implementation of the Manila Bay Clean up, Rehabilitation and Preservation Program (MBCRPP).

With a score of 96.7 percent, Navotas was named the 2020 Most Compliant Local Government Unit in the implementation of the Supreme Court continuing mandamus for the clean-up and preservation of Manila Bay.

“In the past years, Navotas scored low in the MBCRPP. We strived to rework our priorities, strengthen our partnership with environmental organizations and agencies, and establish institutional changes to ensure that we will not just be compliant but committed in the rehabilitation of Manila Bay,” Mayor Toby Tiangco said.

Navotas scored 100 percent in both informal settler families cluster and information, education and campaign. It also got 97 percent in solid waste management cluster and 92 percent in liquid waste management cluster.

Among the development priorities of the city is the provision of decent housing for its constituents, especially the informal settler families living in danger zones.

Aside from the off-city resettlements of the National Housing Authority, Navotas has six in-city housing projects with 2,595 units.

The city also partnered with Mother Earth Foundation, which helped it establish a phased, low-cost and community-centered zero waste program.

Furthermore, it institutionalized bottom-up documentation and reporting as well as top-down monitoring and feedback.

“Helping on-ground implementers see the positive impact of their labor made them realize the importance of what they do. This, in turn, inspired them to work harder not just to fulfill their duties but also to become part of the change they want to see in Manila Bay,” Tiangco said.

“The Battle for Manila Bay is long and arduous, but we will continue to persevere knowing that what we are doing will benefit everyone, especially Navoteños who depend on the sea for their livelihood,” he added.

Earlier, Navotas placed third in the Gawad Taga-Ilog: Search for the Most Improved Estero in Metro Manila for its entry, the Bangkulasi River.


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