Troops pursuing terrorist group members in Mindanao


Government troops oldiers are pursuing a group of Dawlah Islamiyah Insurgents whose camp the government troops overran following air and ground attack in a remote region in Lanao Del Sur, said by officials this Monday.

Commander of the Western Mindanao Command  Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan Jr said the troops were on a combat operation when they engage around 15 insurgents shortly after 10 am Saturday in Barangay Bawang, Madamba

Vinluan said the insurgents disengaged and retreated in their foxholes as the fight continued.
Government troops bombarded the camp with both Air and Artillery fires that drove out the insurgents outside of their ditch.

” We deployed air and artillery support to conduct assault forcing the enemies to abandoned their post,” said Maj. Gen. Generoso Ponio, commander of the Joint Task Force the Zamboanga Peninsula and Lanao provinces.

After the air and artillery assaults, scattered firefights continued and lasted for 6 hours and 55 mins as the insurgent Scattered for survival”, Ponio said.

The government troops suffered no casualties or injuries during the fight and the ones on the enemy side are yet to be determined.



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