INTRAMUROS, Manila, Nov. 15  — Components of the Philippine Navy Reserve Force have been on the front line, along with the PN regular force and other government agencies, of conducting evacuation and rescue operations since November 12 for the families severely affected by widespread flooding in Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon caused by Typhoon ‘Ulysses’.

Naval Affiliated Reserve Force (NARF)-NCR (WesPhil) deployed two amphibious trucks with one rescue team of well-trained and capable reservists onboard each truck. The two six-man teams braved the typhoon and immediately headed to several affected areas in Navotas City to respond to the distress call of around 105 stranded individuals. The teams then proceed to heavily flooded Provident Village in Marikina City due to the continuous rising of water level in Marikina River.

NARF-NCR (WesPhil) responders met with another rescue team from the 27th Naval Affiliated Reserve Group (NARG) headed by Chief Petty Officer Peter Negrido (Res), one of The first PN reserve units to respond during the onslaught of Typhoon Rolly in Bicol last week. NARF-NCR (WesPHil) and 27th NARG (Rescue Recon 1) joined forces to conduct rescue operations for the victims of Typhoon ‘Ulysses’.

These deployments are being supervised by the Naval Reserve Command headed by Major Gen. Ariel Caculitan in coordination with Joint Task Force – National Capital Region. In Region 2, PN reservists from Northern Luzon have joined LGUs in Cagayan in the conduct of search and rescue operations in the affected communities of widespread flood in the province.

In relief efforts, PN reserve force across Luzon have participated in packing and distribution of relief goods to different communities in Metro Manila and other Luzon provinces that are adversely affected by the recent typhoons. Meanwhile, Naval Reserve Center-Southern Luzon through the navy reservists from Camarines Sur under 31st Naval Group Reserve (NRG) augmented to inter-agency relief efforts of distributing relief goods to Brgy. Sta Eulalia & Brgy Iyagan all in Baao, Camarines Sur.

In addition, relief distribution for Typhoon ‘Ulysses’ victims initiated by 22nd NRG-Team Star were conducted in Rodriguez and Montalban Rizal. Said disaster response and relief operations demonstrated the invaluable contributions and selfless service of our reservists as force multipliers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during calamities and other types of human and natural disasters. (PN)

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