Biden is The Rock’s Best Bet as U.S. president


Things are heating up as America nears Election Day. This highly ideological fight between re-electionist Donald Trump and democratic presidential bet Joe Biden has taken its twist and turns, what with several political groups, including religious ones, trading barbs and populating conspiracy theories in support and against one or both candidates.

For Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hollywood’s current highest paid male actor, no conspiracy as complicated as those he encountered in those “Fast and Furious” movies can ever influence his choice for president. And in unprecedented and unheard of move, The Rock solidly endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as his candidates for president and Vice President respectively come November polls.

Johnson’s endorsement tops previous endorsements from numerous celebrities in the past few weeks for Biden and Harris.

The question is–what would the Donald think? Will he fire The Rock?

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