NO-EL? Really Now. Shame.


It is not at all shocking to hear Pampanga Congressman Mikey Arroyo testing if it’s possible for us not have an elections this 2022. For one, he and his Motley Crue of supporters of the former Arroyo dispensation successfully evaded possible incarceration when Rodrigo Roa Duterte won the 2016 presidential polls. Had it been that the win went to Mar Roxas, for sure, the anti-corruption drive that Benigno S. Aquino III launched against those who enriched themselves during Arroyo’s time would have gotten their just desserts.

It is really no secret that Duterte and his group had been effectively marginalized what with the ascension of Arroyo associates in several high-ranking sinecures both in the Executive and the Judiciary. Count who among Duterte’s cabinet members did not serve Arroyo’s government and you’ll find that almost everyone with the exception of Bong Go, are occupying highly sensitive posts under this administration. Let me disabuse your minds and say that this Duterte administration is a continuation of the corruption under Arroyo’s time and the impunity seen under Marcos. That’s why this administration is a danger especially to freedom-loving Filipinos.

What I don’t understand really is the kawalang hiya these people have that they want to actually empty the people’s coffers just to line their pockets up. I mean, do you really think you have the right to use taxes for your own frivolous expending? What gave these people that privilege of wanton spending of monies not their own?

Arroyo’s statement clearly shows who are the real persons in charge of this administration–yup you guessed right– the Arroyo gang of misfits. They have staged a comeback via the backdoor. Had the electorate learned that Duterte was just a poster boy of the Arroyos, I doubt if the final electoral outcome had remain the same.

Who enjoys life so much under Duterte? Of course these are the carpet baggers who profited from their sinful ways before and are now having a fruitful year what with getting billions from the released public funds due to COVID-19.

With the elections on the horizon, these people are now deathly worried that the happy days would end so soon.

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