Filipino Catholic Lay Leaders warn of creeping martial law in the Philippines

Kilos Laiko is a new group of Catholics who strive towards raising awareness of social issues among Church members in the Philippines

Top leaders of a new Catholic lay group, Kilos Laiko sa Lipunan warns the present generation of Filipinos to remain vigilant and observant in the face of authoritarian moves that undermines Filipino rights under the current Duterte administration.

IN a video produced by the group, five top lay leaders of the Philippine Catholic Church reminisced their days during the time martial law was declared by former dictator Ferdinand Marcos on September 21..

Former student of the University of Baguio Gil Garcia was a hippie when martial law was declared. The ensuing commotion between state security forces and students like him in Baguio City opened his eyes and awoke in him the need to join the movement for change.

Bonifacio Macaranas was a fresh UP-Diliman graduate when martial law was declared. During the dictatorship, Macaranas was arrested and tortured by the military. It was not so with young activist May Cabarloc who as a young student leader of Pamantasan ng Pilipinas managed to escape the horrors of the dictatorship by working among the poor and worker’s in the metropolis.

Dr. Marita Wasan, former president of Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas, was a medical student when Marcos deployed his troops and occupied schools in Metro Manila. The violence that ensued convinced Wasan to get involved in the movement for change.

Elizabeth Zaragosa was just an elementary student in Cebu during the declaration of martial law. At an early age, Zaragosa saw how brutal the military and police were and vowed to dedicate her life towards change in society.

Best-selling author and civic leader Atty. Alex Lacson gave his inspirational greeting to Kilos Laiko sa Lipunan.

Kilos Laiko sa Lipunan is a new movement of lay leaders and members of the Philippine Catholic Church. The mission of the group is to increase the Catholics awareness of social issue and make decisive actions to change Philippine society.

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