Pandemic spawns online entrepreneurs


Emerging Online Entrepreneurs during the Pandemic

Filipinos have started opening their business online since the ECQ started, making everything conveniently accessible for everyone by offering delivery services. The viral Baked Sushi trend, for example, sweeping the internet, turning people into fans so fast, and making new headlines as each day passes. Everyone has been raving about this unique way of eating your normal sushi, giving a classic a new, refreshing twist.

There are a lot of online businesses that are offering products and services that are available online for the convenience of reaching out to their market easily while still maintaining the social distancing protocol. However, not all online businesses are capable of hiring agencies for online marketing, or for digital ads to make their brand reach their target market. All of these are quite costly and not all online businesses budgets are capable of spending for promotions.

Good news is Good Info Net, a new platform for start-up businesses looking for a place to share their experiences within a community filled with positivity, and has the right business tools to help their online business. From Business page set-up, Marketing support, inventory management tool, to an appointments management tool, Good Info Net makes this all available for you to use at no cost for your online business.

Not only does Good Info Net keep you on top of your business processes with powerful tools and organization features, it helps you keep inspired with stories from fellow start-up companies who have found success even in these trying times. Interact and share advice with your fellow entrepreneurs using this platform!

Get the good info on Good Info Net now and start making your small business, and yourself as an entrepreneur, grow!

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