Mike Pompeo: China is threat to all freedom-loving countries


United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues his attacks against China describing the Communist-led state as a threat to all freedom loving countries in the world.

The secretary made the statement after China reportedly reneged on its commitment not to send its warships in the South China Sea. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, China continues on its land and island grabbing activities in the South China Sea, which affects the interests of several US allies including the Philippines and Vietnam.

Pompeo describes US-China tensions as “beyond COVID-19 pandemic” levels. Pompeo also wants China to be held accountable for the spread of the novel coronavirus. Health experts around the world are still clueless as to how the virus crossed over from being just a virus that infects bats to humans. He joins a loose consortium of state leaders who are demanding that China expose its findings to help find a suitable cure.

Meanwhile, trade leaders from both China and the United States continue negotiations hoping to resolve several tacky issues before the US fully opens its economy. The US economy had been battered severely by the pandemic, with more than 10 million people losing their jobs and an estimated 1 trillion dollar lost economic opportunities.

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