Are we seeing the rise of the godless Nazi-like lifestyle and the death of social life?


Do we see a dystopian future caused by this novel corona virus? Governments are warning against huge gatherings, even religious mass gatherings. Expect cinema watching as a thing of the past, as governments, especially under this Duterte administration, wants nothing more than disallow watching your favorite films inside air-conditioned spaces. This, of course, would benefit live streaming services but will it put an end to the thrill and joy of cinema watching? Only geeks, the Nazis and the godless would surely revel with these pronouncements.

Of course, such things are surely not permanent. We cannot live prudish lives forever. Humans are social animals. We want to be with friends, taking a swig of our favorite drinks and discussing the finer joys of life with them. We want to worship our gods inside churches and we want to visit places where angels once appeared.

For some with inquisitive minds, attempts by governments to impose restrictions to these constitutionally guaranteed freedoms are all linked with power. Governments especially run like hell by self-absorbed egotistic individuals who want nothing more than bare their dicks every single time they have a chance to do so, probably wanting to scare the shit out of their enemies or just, plain and simply, enjoying exhibitions of phallic proportions. Of course, these power trips have another reason to it— these people do not want the masses to discover that their hard earned taxes are just being spent in casinos or being used to buy expensive jewelries or worse, being given to their beautiful paramours. In every power tripping comes the thievery of public funds. The only reason why these witty yet dumb asses employ scare tactics is to hide from the people their corruption.

Why do we allow ourselves to be tricked by these powers and forget that we are free individuals with rights to enjoy and demand respect from government.

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