5 Things to do to Avoid Cabin fever during COVID-19 lockdown


Cabin fever–that sickening feeling you get during prolonged indoor stays– could lead to depression. Psychologists have warned us about this.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

What are activities that you must do to prevent yourself from suffering from cabin fever?

  1. Exercise. Exercise increases endorphins and makes you happy. Do just fifteen minutes every single day and you will not only manage your weight– you will feel right.
  2. Read. Reading is one of the most pleasurable things you should do. Exercising your mental faculties increase your acuity and makes you younger and more vibrant. There are many sites out there in the Internet which offers free reading. Read the classics.
  3. Pray or do meditation. Just ten minutes, sitting down and emptying your mind of stress improves your health.
  4. Learn a new language or a new cuisine. There are plenty of recipes in the internet. Choose those unique ones especially the ones which ingredients are easily available.
  5. Sing. Spend some karaoke time with your loved ones. Choose happy songs to sing.

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