Senator Gordon deplores killings in New Bilibid Prisons



Senator Richard Gordon has strongly deplored law enforcers for the unsolved  killings of 16 New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) inmates since 2011, majority of which were masterminded by “money and influential” inmates of the national penitentiary.

“If we are shown in America, they will laugh at us. If we are in London, we will be laughed at. You cannot solve cases. I am not trying to insult you, but if I were a professional in investigating crimes, I will not stop until it is solved,” Gordon said.

Gordon told police officers present during the resumption of the Senate Blue Ribbon  Committee hearing on the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA).

“Have we created a culture of complacency, a culture of helplessness?” Gordon also asked the police officers.

Gordon said  that the unsolved killings, the latest involving the ambush-slay of  Bureau of Corrections  (BuCor) suspended legal division chief Fredric Anthony Santos, is an indication of culture of inefficiency.

“This shows lack of passion,” further stated Gordon who aired his disgust and dismay over the failure to solve these killings which happened within the prison area and were attacked by motorcycle-riding gunmen.

Gordon likewise  voiced out his sheer frustration for what he described as “utter disgust for the system.”   He said  the police and other law enforcers should serve the public with respect and efficiency.

Santos was gunned down on February 19 near his daughter’s school,  and  near the Muntilipa penitentiary.

But it was established in the hearing that authorities have  yet to have access to the the dash camera inside Santos’ vehicle which remained in the custody of SOCO.  It was also discovered that the CCTV camera installed near the vicinity of the killing was not working.

Gordon  said Santos should “not just be another statistic” in the deaths of BuCor personnel.

The senator added he was baffled about the unsolved cases when the masterminds were just inside Bilibid.

Pressed on who should take the initiative to compel law enforcers to act on the case, Gordon said the justice secretary should be the first person to react here along with the BuCor director.

According to Gordon, he wanted to see a summary of what has been done on these unsolved cases.

“We cannot close the book. Otherwise, we will keep repeating that you do not solve anything,” he said.

Hs also expressed disappointment on the absence of BuCor chief Gerald Bantag in the Senate hearing, noting that it concerns his personnel.

Senator Ronald dela Rosa, former  BuCor director and PNP director renewed his stand for the reimposition of death penalty to serve as a deterrent on the killing of the bureau’s personnel./ Stacy Ang



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