NBI arrests fake NBI agent


Operatives  of the National Bureau of Investigation-Special Action Unit (NBI-SAU) arrested a fake NBI agent in Cainta, Rizal for estafa  and usurpation of authority.

The arrest is in line with the relentless campaign of the  NBI  against all forms of criminality.

NBI OIC-Director Eric Distor identified the suspect  as Generoso  Bitalac Lim,  alias Boyet Cruz.

Distor said suspect  was arrested in an entrapment operation which stemmed from the complaint against the suspect  who, according to the complainant, went to their residence on February 18 and 24, 2020 bringing with him a copy of the rape case filed by her daughter before the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor-Rizal.

Suspect  earlier told the complainant that he is from NBI-VAWCD and has influence in courts.

However, certification issued by the NBI stated that the suspect  is not a bonafide agent of the NBI nor an employee of the Bureau.

The arrested suspect  was presented for inquest proceedings before the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor-Rizal for Estafa and Usurpation of Authority.

Suspect  also claimed that he has the capacity to delay or prevent the issuance of subpoenas to respondents in on-going cases in courts resulting to the respondent’s non-appearance in hearings and the subsequent instant issuance of Warrant of Arrest by the courts.

The suspect  also threatened the complainant by telling the latter that the respondents in the present rape case have links with the Mayor of Cainta and capacity to influence the result of the case in respondent’s favor.

The suspect also informed the complainant that her cases will be dismissed upon death of the complaining parties, making the latter more threatened.

Distor added that out of fear, complainant and her husband transferred their daughter in a safe place and reported the matter to the NBI.

The suspect  was, by that time, asking money from the complainant.

Thus, the entrapment operation was conducted in Brgy. San Juan, Cainta, Rizal and resulted in the arrest of the suspect on February 26, 2020. /Stacy Ang



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