Labor group tells Duterte— ‘Resolve PH employment crisis’


Labor group, Defend Jobs Philippines on Monday  raised alarm over the growing number of terminated Filipino workers under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The group said that in just the span of two months, around 2,087 Filipino workers will be jobless as various companies have already announced plans to terminate its workers due to either planed plant shutdowns and streamlining reasons.

Thadeus Ifurung, Defend Jobs Philippines spokesperson,  said that the sudden increase of mass lay-offs of the labor force must be enough basis for alarm and for government to take up preemptive measures to resolve the imminent “employment crisis” in the country.

“The Duterte government and the Labor Department must not limit themselves in just mere monitoring and mediating on the settlement and separation pay tasks for affected workers, but must craft policies and resolutions that will immediately stop the rising cases of joblessness nationwide,” said Ifurung.

Defend Jobs Philippines said the 2,087 workers which will be terminated came from Nokia (700 workers), Wells Fargo (700 workers), Honda (387 workers) and Philippine Airlines (300 workers).

The labor group feared that this figure will add-up to the unemployed Filipino workforce which is now at 4.7 million Filipinos.

“The long list of companies who are letting go of their employees and workers must end now. The government must take up intensified efforts that will defend the jobs and livelihoods of its people,” said Ifurung.

“Amid threats attacking job security of Filipino workers, what we need right now is a strong assurance that the government is more than willing to safeguard our rights to decent and secured employment,” said Ifurung./Stacy Ang

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