KMU top leaders say ‘yes’ to security of tenure of workers, ‘no’ to Human Security Act amendments


The militant Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU)  top leaders from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao trooped to the House of Representatives to demand for security and tenure of workers in private companies.

The KMU  said that legislators should focus and exert more effort in finding means to secure and provide employment for thousands of Filipinos as “job crisis” looms, instead of fast-tracking the amendments to the Human Security Act that threatens the security of workers’ right to strike and form unions, and other civil liberties of the people.

The militant labor center expressed support for proposed legislation that would ban fixed term-employment, labor-only contracting, job-contracting and other forms of contractual work.

A consolidated bill on Security of Tenure is set to be heard by the House Labor Committee today, Tuesday.

The KMU also raised concern on the trend of factory closedown and downsizing of operations of foreign companies in the Philippines.

KMU said telecommunications giant Nokia will shutdown its Research and Development (R&D)  operations in Quezon City and Wells Fargo will relocate 700 tech jobs to India, leaving thousands Filipinos in the brink of of losing their jobs.

“We ask our legislators to conduct an inquiry into the looming closure of several companies and propose measures on how to mitigate the impacts of these closures, exact accountability of the companies to the workers, and provide alternative employment for the workers and livelihood for their families,” KMU Secretary-General Jerome Adonis said in a statement.

The KMU leaders also threw its support to ABS-CBN workers, as the labor group also rallied for the franchise renewal of the giant network.

“We appeal to our lawmakers to immediately act on the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN and save 11,000 workers from unemployment,” said Adonis.

“What is the government’s program in building industries that would employ our huge labor force? As long as we remain dependent on foreign investments, continue to sell out our patrimony, vital industries and utilities, we could not provide employment for Filipinos,” said Adonis.

In its recently concluded National Council meeting, the KMU resolved to oppose by all means the proposed amendments to the “already draconian Human Security Act.”

“An amended anti-terror law is all what a dictator needs.  It is his new martial law on a nationwide scale, to be wielded against dissenters and critics of the administration,” warned the KMU./Stacy Ang

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