Locsin rejects “blood money”


DFA Secretary Teddy Locsin. (Photo courtesy by PNA)

MANILA – Saying “there will blood at DFA Philippines for Jeanelyn Villavende,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. stressed that a “blood money” is non-negotiable on the killing of the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) last week of December 2019.

Locsin also stressed that his office did not authorize the lawyer the DFA hired on the case to suggest and much less accept any blood money from Villavende’s killers.

Instead, Locsin said: “I want two lives for the life they took” on his Twitter account, in obvious reference to Villavende’s employer-killers.

“THERE WILL BE BLOOD @DFAPHL for Jeanelyn Villavende. I renounce & reject any offer of blood money for her torture/murder. I want two lives for the life they took,” Locsin said.

“The topnotch lawyer hired by DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) to prosecute is not authorized to suggest or accept blood money from her killers.”

Through her embalming certificate released by Kuwait’s Ministry of Health, it said that Villavende was killed last December 28, 2019.

The certificate also revealed the victim died of “acute failure of heart and respiration” from shock and multiple injuries in the vascular nervous system of Villavende, 26.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE), meanwhile, said Villavende’s family last spoke to the victim last October 2019 and when they allegedly tried to call her again on the 13th of December, the wife of her employer answered and said Villavende was “busy.”

According to police authorities in Kauwait, the husband and wife suspects are now detained.

Philippine authorities including Malacanang assailed Villavende’s death, describing it as a “clear violation” of the agreement signed by Kuwait and the Philippines in 2018 on the heels of a gruesome death of another OFW Joanna Demafelis.

Following the most recent incident in Kuwait, DoLE ordered a partial deployment ban to the oil-rich state where 240,000 Filipinos are currently employed.

Around half of which are female domestic workers.

PH embassy workers in Kuwaiti were also accordingly forewarned by Locsin not to mention anything about blood money or face the consequences of losing their jobs.

“If I catch anyone in @DFA making that suggestion they’re fired. I will not accept an improvement in Kuwait’s labor standards either. All I care about is blood for blood.

Locsin also said on his Twitter he will post Villavende’s autopsy photos in the halls of DFA.

Victims of crime are greatly recognized in Islamic law as having rights and a say on how the criminal is to be punished and in general, murderers usually face death penalty.

However, relatives of victims oftentimes have the option to choose to spare the murderer from the death penalty in exchange for monetary damages known as “diyyah” or blood money.

Sentence of the perpetrator may still be served by a judge but the death penalty will be stricken off the table. (Ismael Amigo/Currentph.com)

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