Taal explosion updates: Horizontal explosion could lead to tsunamis

Updates on Taal Volcano

Volcanic tsunamis are extremely possible if Taal volcano’s six craters spew debris in a horizontal, and not vertical explosion, Philippine Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOCS) Renato Solidum says in the recently concluded press briefing an hour ago.

Tsunamis, which are huge tidal movements caused by debris being spewed by the volcano would severely hamper activities in the Taal lake and other bodies of water including the Batangas sea, Manila Bay and even, Laguna de bai.

“These kinds of hazards have happened during major eruption events, such as in the 60s and 1911 eruptions. It’s not that high compared to typical earthquake tsunami in open seas but this can damage and impact people if they are on the shore,” Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum says.

Solidum says it is extremely important for residents near and around the active volcano to evacuate and reach safe havens especially those residing within the 14-kilometer radius of the volcano’s crater.

Instead of going to evacuation centers which are at the Western portion of the volcanic lake, it is advisable that evacuees go Eastward, to the direction of Mount Maculot or Cuenca in the province of Batangas.

Latest information from PHILVOCS advises local government units to evacuate residents within the 14 kilometer danger zone after observations point to lava had already reached the volcano’s surface. This will surely cause earthquakes less than magnitude 4, and the possibility of a hazardous explosion looms.

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