16 or more quakes rock Tagaytay due to Taal Volcano eruption


Residents of Tagaytay city this morning experienced a series of tectonic earthquakes which the Philippine Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOCS) attribute to an imminent magmatic eruption, as lava was noticed at the mouth or surface of Taal volcano. PHILVOCS director Rene Solidum says a possible hazardous volcano eruption is possible within a few days. This explains why alert 4 was raised.

PHILVOCS has already given local government units advice on evacuating residents living within the 14 kilometer radius danger zone. Solidum says evacuees must reach safe areas at the Eastward direction leading to Mount Maculot. Experts say the mountain provides safe haven since it is expected to block magmatic emissions from the volcano.

PHILVOCS reported that earthquakes and big explosions are expected to happen within a period of six to seven continuous months. Hence PHILVOCS advises government to create strategic plans as the volcano shows activities similar to its behavior in the past.

Taal volcano is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. Though recent observations noticed a slowdown of activities within the volcano, PHILVOCS however observed frenetic magmatic explosions which appear as magmatic fountain like explosions.

Ash fall would continue to occur as volcanic activity within Taal remains. PHILVOCS advises that flights should be suspended as a major eruption is expected. As of 5 am, there are now more than 13,000 residents evacuated.

Communities in the volcano island are now cleared of residents. Talisay, Laurel and Agoncillo residents had been evacuated.

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