From hero to villain: Manila’s Finest unmask viral ‘Spiderman-hero’

“Say cheese…!” Spiderman-hero (in black shirt) obliges for a photo op “selfie” with working media courtesy of  CNS chief photographer Benjie Cuaresma at Manila City Hall as the suspect was then, a “hero.” (Benjie Cuaresma/IAMIGO/CNS)

“Natolongges mo  kami… (You fooled us all…).”

Thus, blurted Manila Mayor Isko Moreno out as he presented to media Friday (06 December 2019) “hero Spiderman” who went viral on social media recently after chasing the hell out of a suspect involved in sexual assault and clinging on to a jeepney ala-Spiderman that led to the eventual arrest of the suspect, a certain Jomar Alingud.

Now, this: “Spiderman-hero” is presented by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno as “villain” in the real-life drama of snatching on the streets along with other suspects. (Benjie Cuaresma/IAMIGO/CNS)

Sadly though, “Spiderman-hero” turned out a bad element of the streets himself as well victimizing hapless jeepney passengers by snatching their belongings like cellphones, necklaces, and other valuables.

Manila’s Finest, however, proved even more clever as operatives never wasted time in unmasking “Spiderman-hero” in due time leading to his eventual arrest. (Benjie Cuaresma/IAMIGO.CNS)


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