News/Trump US Congress decides to impeach Trump for abuse of power


United States– The US House of Representatives has not hesitated to file impeachment complaints against US President Donald Trump.

According to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the country’s democracy is at stake and they can’t do anything without taking steps against the president.

The California congresswoman added that Trump has abused his power for his own sake.

It has already asked the Committee chairman who handles Trump’s impeachment to pursue articles of impeachment.

Polls for Trump’s impeachment in the House of Representatives are likely to take place before the end of the year and a Senate hearing is likely to take place in January 2020.

Trump had earlier called out that the Democrats had been misled for having subsequently being impeached following his refusal that there is nothing wrong about the talk he made with the president of Ukraine, where he is allegedly investigating his rival in the presidency of former Vice President Joe Biden. (Marian Sinamban/IAMIGO/CNS)

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