Led by Police Lt. Col. Reynaldo Magdaluyo, commander of Station 3, Manila Police Department (MPD) shows why they are called Manila’s Finest. They surprised Monday (25 November 2019) vendors and street sweepers and the elderly by serving them with steaming hot food in a clearing operation with a twist near Quiapo Church. P/Capt. Joel Guimpatan of Plaza Miranda PCP and P/Capt. Heherson Zambale of Blumentritt PCP, Sta Cruz Manila joined Col. Magdaluyo in the clearing operation-feeding program. (BENJAMIN CUARESMA/IAMIGO/CNS)

Feeding sa mga taong kalye at street sweeper (2)

Feeding sa mga taong kalye at street sweeper (1)


  1. Filipinos collectively believe that intimidation and violence is the only way to move forward. No one dares questioning such primitive methods. Instead they take the bully for a hero and find ways to justify mediocrity (Filipino Pride 101). That so called Police Colonel is trying to civilize Filipinos the similar way white invaders try to civilize Filipinos during 400 years. It never worked and never will. Filipinos have no principals. They don’t understand the notion of laws and rules. The Filipino acts like a childish and clueless delinquent. He only respects money, power and a macho man with bamboo stick.

  2. Then what is your solution? If a man can not be taught what should you do with such men? I understand that there are many alternatives but sometimes a benevolent dictator with strict rules are what are needed to instill the principles you seek.

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