Seemingly immune to electrocution, a Meralco lineman bravely checks and cuts illegal wiring connections high up an electric post wrapped by electric meters in Pasay City, amid electric cost and bidding issues.


Meanwhile, Bayan Muna chairman Neri Colmenares hit the Department of Energy as it accordingly allowed Meralco to monopolize distribution utilities contracts despite a Supreme Court order stating “that all supply contracts of distribution should undergo bidding.”

At a recent media forum, Colmenares blamed the DOE on its incompetence as it accordingly allowed Meralco to control over a certain “bidding procedure” on which Atimonan I, which Meralco owns, emerged winner.

Accompanied by Cong. Carlos Zarate, Colmenares recently filed a petition with the DOE asking for an independent third party and not to allow again Meralco to manage the bidding procedure and avoid “sweetheart deals.”

“Despite the Supreme Court victory, however, Meralco was allowed to control the bidding procedure and even appoint all the members of the supposedly independent Bids and Award Committee,” Colmenares said.

“If no independent bidding will take place, then it is as if no bidding took place, and we can again suffer from Meralco’s selection of its chosen yet expensive supplier,” stressed Colmenares. (MIKE TABOY/BENJIE CUARESMA/IAMIGO/CNS)

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