Breaking news! North Korea readies for war after alleged US “betrayal”


The North Korean government today accused the United States of betrayal and is thinking of correcting what it terms as an “imbalance” on US-North Korean relations.

Speaking for and on behalf of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the mission claims that the US has “failed to take reciprocal measures to North Korea’s suspension of a `number of actions’ which were identified to be concerns of the Trump administration.

Hence, the mission declared, ” we have no leeway any longer…It is quite natural for us to bolster our capabilities in order to undercut visibly growing threats obstructing our security and development…Nobody has the right to find fault with or to interfere with it.”

US President Donald Trump has led missions aimed at convincing North Korea of abandoning its nuclear weapons program. Talks has since entered a deadlock after Trump’s meeting with Kim in Hanoi last February.

Kim demanded from the US of coming up with new, acceptable measures to re-ignite the talks by year’s end and Pyongyang has been stepping up pressures on Washington for bigger concessions.

Recent statements particularly of US Defense secretary Mark Esper offer no glimpse of hope. Esper says he does not regret postponing a US-South Korean military exercise, though this was rejected by the North, saying that it was not sufficient to restart nuclear diplomacy talks.

North Korea has been traditionally opposed to these annual US-South Korean military exercises since it sees these as military rehearsals for a North Korean invasion. North Korean senior official Kim Yong Chol has strongly demanded that US must scrap these exercises completely as a sign of its sincerity to resume nuclear talks.

Chol also seeks US assurance that it would support calls on lifting international sanctions against it, and lend the North Korea some form of security which the South opposes. The US has maintained a stance that sanctions will remain until North Korea takes serious steps on dismantling its weapons program, a position strongly supported by Britain and France, veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council.

North Korea has suspended IBCM tests and even returned the remains of American soldiers killed during the 1950-53 Korean War. Trump is also being hailed in the state as a “hero”. Unfortunately, says the North, they got nothing in return.

“At the moment, the U.S. is obsessed with playing for time to follow through its domestic political calendar by abusing our patience and magnanimity,” the mission said. “As time goes by, the U.S. is becoming increasingly hell bent on sanctions aimed at interrupting our right to development as well as military threats to our security in pursuit of its hostile policy” against North Korea.

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