Drilon apologizes to Presidential adviser Vince Dizon over “cauldron” scandal


Senate Minority Floor Leader Franklin Drilon today apologized to Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) head Vince Dizon for claiming that Dizon is a distant relative of National artist Francisco “Bobby” Manoza who created the now controversial 50 million peso red cauldron for the Southeast Asian games.

Drilon made the statement in his interview over Headstart where he claimed that Dizon is a distant relative of Manoza, that explains why the government paid for that highly expensive cauldron.

It turned out that Dizon and the Manoza do not have direct personal links.

Manoza died last year at the age of 88 years old and it is still unclear if Manoza himself asked for that 45 million price tag or his relatives. Manoza designed the controversial cauldron prior to his death last February 2018.

Vince Dizon hails from Porac Pampanga where his father, Esting, served as ex-Congressman. The Dizon own a large farm in Capas, Tarlac.

Manoza meanwhile, hails from Manila.


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