Duterte says he will resign the presidency if his family says so


Asked how he feels, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte admits that he has an injury, a hematoma in his left elbow and a possible injury in one of his legs. He also went to the emergency press conference in Malacanan last night, limping, obviously one of his legs had some injury.

He attributes it to his ripe old age of 74. ” I am already 74 years old. Like other people of the same age, I suffer the same ailments as they have, like cancer, etal.”

Duterte also admitted having head aches when he travels. He says he cannot stop working ┬ásince there is simply no provision in the Constitution that allows for a President to submit a “leave of absence” to recuperate from his supposed ailments and pains.

He says that if the time comes, “and it will come” says the President, he will allow the public to inform Sara Duterte, his daughter and now mayor of Davao.

When his family do decide to just let him rest before the inevitable day, then, he will follow his family’s advice. He will resign and will not finish his term if his family will tell him not to.

Speculations on the severity of the President’s health rose after his recent trip to Japan for the abdication of the Japanese emperor. Photos released by Senator Bong Go, saw the president grimacing in pain after alighting from his car and unto the imperial palace.

Days prior to his Japan trip, Duterte was reported to have fallen from his motorcycle while riding inside the palace grounds.

He was rumored to have liver ailments, Buergers disease, while some says, he has cancer.

However, in the last few days, the president is seen attending the wake of former PAL CEO Bong Tan, and business tycoon John Gokongwei and his wife. He is also seen attending to the injured soldiers from a clash with the NPA in Samar.


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